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Are Asian Ladyboys more Servile?

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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In this vast world filled with colorful characters, one can’t help but think of the stereotype that Asian women are mostly submissive. This stereotype is passed down to ladyboys as well.

Are you in this ladyboy dating website because you’re searching for someone you can dominate? Let’s talk.

For now, I don’t know you, but I’m going to call you Richard. I’m pretty sure that my boss Cyril will raise his French eyebrow on how I prefaced this article but keep reading lol.

Subbies in Ladyboy Dating

So, you’re avoiding transgender women from the west because you want to fulfill your sordid fantasies. You think that transgender women from the west are harder to “bend” simply because they’re not Asian.

Guess what Richard, so are some ladyboys.

cute ladyboy

Ladyboys are not manufactured in a toy factory. We are not malleable things that you can mold for your entertainment. Some of you may not only want a submissive ladyboy to fulfill your sexual fantasy.  Maybe your reasoning is because you’re tired of your past relationships where you constantly find yourself walking on eggshells.

Let’s talk more…

How do you define a submissive ladyboy?

If your definition of someone submissive is literal and applies to every aspect of a person’s life, then you’re fucked. You’re better off buying a sex doll and having a stronger imagination. Japan makes a lot of very realistic sex dolls nowadays so you might want to check those out.

shy ladyboy

I don’t know you personally and I don’t know your struggles or desires but wouldn’t you rather be with someone who you can also please from time to time?

It will be very boring if you’re the only one who keeps on doing the talking and taking. If your dream girl is someone who will agree with you all the time, you’re definitely not going to find her in My Ladyboy Date.


Maybe it’s not just a fantasy. There’s probably a deeper reason as to why you like submissive ladyboys. You see, whether you admit it or not, not everything just springs out magically in terms of fantasies. Desires and fetishes are encompassed by psychological factors and to figure out why you’re feeling the need to always dominate, you must assess yourself first.

You didn’t achieve “success”

There’s a study that people who like being dominated in bed are the ones who are quite successful in their careers. These people usually hold familiar titles such as CEOs, CFOs, COOs, etc.

angry guy

Maybe your obsession about control stems from you, not being able to achieve your career goals in life. You see, if you’re not satisfied with who you are as a person yet, you’re going to find it hard to be in a healthy relationship.

The reason being is because as a person, you don’t feel a sense of completion yet. This feeling harbors a lot of negative emotions such as insecurity and uncertainty. Yes, I’m quite harsh but I only created this guide to be 100% truthful to you.

Just like what RuPaul always says in his famous TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race, “If you don’t love yourself, then how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?”.

Successful women intimidate you

There’s a possibility that you feel emasculated by successful women. Don’t be shy because you’re not alone. There’s nothing wrong about being an alpha male. To be honest, I’m attracted to alpha males myself. However, If you have this type of personality, you must work on yourself more to achieve success.

business woman

You see, it’s very hard for me to find an alpha guy because I too, am very goal-oriented and enjoy chasing success. I’m pretty sure that there are lots of hardworking ladyboys like me as well.

This is why you have to assess yourself and see where you can work more in order to achieve your dreams. Don’t just rest on your laurels and only stop when you feel like you’ve achieved success already. Trust me, the hard work is tough but it’s very rewarding.

Not only will you have more financial freedom, but you’re also going to get rid of the feeling about being intimidated by successful women.

Your respect for ladyboys is not where it’s supposed to be

You may be attracted to us sexually but there’s something about you that we haven’t seem to conquer yet. That something is quite vital to all relationships and it’s respect.

Maybe you secretly think that we’re not worthy of respect yet and you’re masking that feeling with how we’re amazingly able to give you an erection. Yes, there are a lot of ladyboys who don’t know their worth and it’s not because they’re just whores and sluts but it’s because they’ve developed a lot of insecurities from being constantly marginalized by society.

fuck you

Because most of the ladyboys you meet online are quite easy to get, you think that all ladyboys are just the same and that we should be servile because you’re better than us and that we’re lucky from you, giving us the time of day.

No matter how an individual presents themselves, you must always give them the respect that they deserve. After all, we’re all human beings and you’re not better just because you have more money or you’re more intelligent. Disrespect doesn’t make you an Albert Einstein.


Sadly, there’s a lot of racists who are attracted to other races just because they want to impose their superiority. I hope that you don’t think that I’m trying to attack a group of people but I’ve seen this a lot in interracial relationships (especially with white men and Asian ladyboys).

discrimination illustration

How could you say that you love someone when you clearly make the other feel like she’s your lesser; from the way you order her around, call her out for not being the sharpest tool in the shed, or treat her like a maid and make fun of her ignorance.

Why are you letting the other suffer just so you could feel good about yourself? This again, all boils down to insecurity. Before getting into an interracial relationship, you first must acknowledge the fact that other races are your equals. You will never be truly happy in life if you’re always burdened by unnecessary vexing stress that you constantly impose on yourself.


Finally, to TRULY achieve a happy and healthy relationship with your future ladyboy girlfriend, you must always remember the power of equality. When equality is present, the opportunities for stronger bonds and emotions to come out will open up. If you allow her to have a voice, your relationship won’t feel like it’s a simulation and you’re going to truly know the feeling of what it’s like to have a soulmate.

rainbow heart

If you keep putting yourself on a pedestal, your only view would be the bottom and you won’t be given the chance to see the better things that are waiting for you at the top. Give equality a try and you will notice how truly amazing ladyboys are.

Other options?

Make a profile on My Ladyboy Date and you’ll see that it’s filled with beautiful Thai ladyboys, transpinays, and other trans women who are looking for GENUINE love. Find someone who is more open to the idea of a give and take relationship.

My Ladyboy Date promotes decent dating because sadly, there’s still a lot of stigmas when it comes to ladyboy dating. You will find like-minded people and you might just be pleasantly surprised.

maki and Cyril

However, before signing up on My Ladyboy Date, I highly recommend you to read the self-assessment section again. This world doesn’t need another asshole anymore. If you’re still unsure of yourself, don’t start looking for love and spend your time focusing on yourself and your goals.

Trust me, ladyboy dating will be much easier if you don’t have any hangups anymore. I’m not saying that you should be ultra successful before dating anyone but at the very least, you must have fewer to no insecurities anymore.

Final Words

Everything I write is from my personal experience together with the experiences that my ladyboy friends have shared with me. From our circle, I don’t know anyone who’s so submissive that she can be comparable to someone crossing the portal to martyrdom.  If you’re still looking for that PERFECT servile ladyboy, good luck to ya.

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If somehow, I’ve changed your mind, always remember to treat others the way you want to be treated. Corny and cliched but it holds a lot of truth.  Maybe you have to reflect more on yourself as to why your past relationships kept giving you a feeling of déjà vu.

Stop looking for the “right” woman and don’t give up. Your definition of the right woman may be completely wrong. What you should be looking for instead is a genuine woman. Someone who has a voice and who is not afraid to reveal her true self. You’ll find her soon if you start looking on My Ladyboy Date today!



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