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What to share on your Dating profile

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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It may be your first time or you’ve had your profile up on the ladyboy dating website of your choice for some time now and you’re still getting a few hits.  Let me share with you some tips on how you can get those clicks and keep the ladies glued to your profile.


Just like in going to clubs, you don’t expect someone to instantly notice how amazing your personality is.  You need something to grab people’s attention in order for them to gravitate towards knowing you more.  I know how a man of mystery can be very appealing but people who sign up on ladyboy dating websites value time and it’s the very reason why they have a profile up and running.

A dating website saves people’s money, time, and energy from blind dating. I’m not saying that old-school doesn’t work but most of the time, it ends up with a volatile conversation with a random stranger that one would never dream of meeting again.  Blind dates are awkward and require more work. A ladyboy dating website breaks the ice and makes things flow smoothly by the time 2 people decide to meet up in person.

Going back to the avatar…

These ladyboys will also save a lot of time if YOU already have an interesting profile photo that they’d be pleasantly distracted by to click on.  Your photo must be something that you’d be very proud of but not something you’re not. Don’t post photos of you looking like a pimp daddy or a Don if you’re really not that kind of person and besides, nothing’s appealing about those 2 options.

Just look cute.

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About YOU

Now that you’ve successfully lured her, it’s time to keep your grip tight.  She clicked on your avatar because it was interesting to her and now, she wants to know YOU as a person.  Be very detailed but keep some things to yourself.  Don’t over exaggerate stuff too.  Not because you played golf once means it is already your HOBBY.  Share activities that you really enjoy on a regular basis. Even the most “square-life” joys like reading or watching movies can keep someone’s attention unless she’s really uppity and is looking for someone who’s straight out of a romance novel.

You can also write about your INTERESTS.  You’ll never know if the girl from the ladyboy dating website is as passionate about aliens as you are.  Keep things honest but not TOO honest.  I mean… truly, I really ENJOY reading about famous serial killers but I’m not going to write this one on my dating profile.  I don’t want men to get the wrong idea about me.  I’m also interested in the life-insurance policies of different countries but let’s not even go there.

Zip it, Amanda!

Make HER feel the urge to connect with you

Upload a topless photo showing what you got.

Just kidding!

Set a friendly outro that will make her feel like you’re not a snob and you’re open to ladyboys from all walks of life.  Don’t put out things like “I’m looking for a slim ladyboy with a huge girltoy” or “I’m seeking for someone who has breast implants” or whatever.  These will make you sound very superficial.  Put out something like “I’d like to get to know new friends and I’m open to the possibility of something more with the right girl. Don’t hesitate to send me a message if you find my profile interesting” or something along those lines.  Never underestimate the power of false advertising *kidding again*.

Just don’t be a jackass! Be the nice guy that every ladyboy deserves.



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