She doesn’t like her Penis

Posted on August 17, 2018
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I’m sure that this is something that not every individual is comfortable in talking about. Most especially, ladyboys.  You really fancy the person that you’ve been chatting with on a ladyboy dating site but she suddenly confesses that she hates her penis.

We all have different levels of gender dysphoria. Some ladyboys are comfortable with having a penis and some are not.
The thing is… you like a penis. Yes, I said it for you.  The girl of your dreams has been planning to get a sexual reassignment surgery and she says that it will give her utmost joy.

Now it got you to thinking…

How can I stop her?!

Don’t. You don’t get a say with what she does with her body and what her dreams should be.  If you really love her, you should be the last person to contradict her desires.  As long as she’s not stepping on others, she deserves every right to fulfil those goals.

But what about me?

I believe in destiny… the kind that YOU make.  Never impose your needs and beliefs on a person.  That ladyboy has lived long enough to know what she really wants.  Our gender dysphoria starts at a very young age and I’m pretty sure that if she tells you that her penis is bothering her, BELIEVE ME, it is.  What if one day, you grow 10 nipples or 5 extra scrotums and you don’t like them, will you be able to live a satisfied and happy life?  No, and don’t contradict me with this because I’m pretty sure you won’t.
You cannot justify getting what YOU want from a relationship if it’s only benefiting YOU.

Alright, Amanda… What should I do then?

Going back to the destiny BS, find someone who you really connect with in all levels.  Not just emotionally but mentally and physically as well.  Everything should fall into place.  I believe in compromise but an individual’s gender identity and body are non-negotiable.  Wait, Amanda, I got a call and she agreed not to undergo SRS anymore because of ME.

Would you be really the type of person to deny her ultimate dream before she even met you?

Will it be possible for you to be truly happy knowing that deep inside, your ladyboy date is suffering for your happiness?

You’re a cute guy Trever (or whatever your name is), I’m pretty sure that you will be able to find that perfect ladyboy date if you just look further. Our website is filled with decent ladyboys who are looking for their life match just as you are.  Widen your net and forget the infatuation.  A soul-mate is a soul-mate for some goddamn reason, it’s not easy to find.

Final Words

Get to stepping and find her now.  Yes, she’s an amazing person but if you really love someone, you have to let her go and find her true self.  Let her make the most of her life just like how you want to make the most of yours.



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