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Your Ladyboy Girlfriend is a scammer?

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So you met an amazing ladyboy from a dating website and it turns out that you’re not the only one occupying her heart.  There are simply times when people cheat and there’s no justification for why they do it.  Some people are just a-holes and they should be predetermined by geneticists.

A ladyboy dating website can sometimes be a double-edged sword but don’t be too afraid of it because it’s an amazing innovation that was created to make finding a soulmate more accessible.  Apart from love, for some, it’s a money-making machine.  There are a few ladyboys that prey on men from a long distance for money.  Before you get offended, I’m a ladyboy myself.  I’m just saying that I have friends who used to do it.

Scammers of Ladyboy Dating Website

What they usually do is have multiple boyfriends and pretend to be in love with all of them.  Why only expect a monthly allowance from one s*cker if you can have 3 monthly allowances?  It is not easy to spot them but just be wary and get to know your ladyboy date’s character.

I want to be supported financially but I’m not that lucky lol.  All I’m saying is if you really want to support her, she must be doing something for herself as well.  You’re there to help and not to spoon feed.

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Determine if she has a JOB

This is a tell-tale sign that she is all about you.  Someone with a job has no time to be exchanging sweet nothings with multiple men on a daily basis.  If she has receipts (photos from her job) and you’re able to do a short webcam chat with her in her working environment from time to time, then she probably is legit.

Does she have career goals?

If she’s someone who you can talk to other than superficial stuff, then she’s probably looking for a serious relationship.  When I was working in a call center, I used to vent all the time to my ex-boyfriend about the drama in my job.  You may not like drama but it’s part of a healthy relationship.  It’s better to have mini-dramas than finding one of you want to choke the other one day.

If she often tells you how she planned her life out for herself, she probably is the real thing.


If your ladyboy date has nothing to say to you below the surface, then she’s probably saying the same general things she spouts on her other lovers (to save her from confusion).  When I am interested in someone, I delve deeper into them; from their favorite color to their allergies, I know.  Your ladyboy date should know a thing or two about you as an individual.


If your ladyboy girlfriend asks for money or is hinting about financial stuff in less than a month, she’s probably a scammer.  There is nothing wrong with helping others.  I sent money to a Brazilian guy I had a crush on (Sugar Mommy Realness) just recently lol but at least, I don’t expect anything from him.

If you’re doing this because you love someone, just be sure that that person loves you (ONLY YOU) back as well.



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One thought on “Your Ladyboy Girlfriend is a scammer?

  1. My GF does not get a job.she has an issue in her right hsnd caused by a car crush.she is beautician, she can be a farmer because she have records in him.She is lovely.She is Filipina,and she is so generous that sometimes I get angry for that and I asked her” why you help others if you don’t have enough for you?.She does not asking for money anytime.But she can’t get a job,she speaks english ,but enough to work In a call center.She only earns money working in pageants sometimes.What to do?.I had another ladyboy gf that,even working,asked me for money,and I was repented now to have sent her money.
    She acted like a gold digger,but she is not really(Hard to understand it? Yes).
    We broke coz we argued too much. Anyway,we are friends now.
    I guess that site dates are FULL of scammers,bad men and everything.
    This is just only my personal point of view,but I guess I know what I am saying,And really annoy me.

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