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What age to start dating as a Ladyboy

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Today might be a sensitive topic to some but I must talk about it from my perspective as a ladyboy who dated men really early.  I do not regret having my first boyfriend when I was 17. However, if I could turn back time, I would’ve waited more.  I know how it feels like to be in a disposition; whereby my youthful energy made me feel like everything is possible.  Together with that disposition is a distant flight from reality.

If you’re a teenage ladyboy, don’t date men

We all know that even if it’s 2018, us ladyboys are still tabooed to most.  If you are from 17-19 years old, you’ll be the commodity (not in a good way).

I’ve met men who were 3 times my age when I was 17 and I’ve only come to realize now that they’re a bunch of sick fucks.  Most of them just took advantage of me sexually and I hope they’re living miserable lives now.  I get that we are all looking for love but… just be mindful, especially if there’s a huge age gap.

To you, young ladyboy, yes, I’m talking to you.  If you really want to feel the romance, find a guy close to your age.  If you’re on your teens and men above 30 are trying to hit on you, they only want one thing…

You’re lucky to be in the part of your life where you’re just about to write your future.  If I have the optimal chance that you have right now, I would focus on my studies and aim higher for myself.  I would do everything to reach my personal goals until I seek out a partner so you don’t end up with perverts and losers like how I did.  I’m not saying I’m totally hopeless, everything I’m saying is from a place of care, experience and love.  Please little girl, just achieve your goals and stop thinking about men for now.

My future was ruined because of dating early

I dropped out of college because I fell in love with a 30+yo guy who used me for sex then left me.  Scenarios continued and I was so enamored by the thought of having a partner that from finishing a mass communication course, my goal turned to find a boyfriend who can love and support me financially.  Things would’ve been way different if I just kept pursuing my dreams.
Maybe, just maybe, I would’ve met someone from college who genuinely loved me and we’ll be together right now building our dreams.  Maybe, if I didn’t let my slutty side get the best of me, I’d be more successful than my current state.  Just… take this chance especially if your parents are still supporting you.

Don’t DATE early!

Your Auntie Amanda is watching you closely.



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3 thoughts on “What age to start dating as a Ladyboy

  1. Thanks for lumping all older men who like ladyboys as sexual perverts. Your article makes it that much more difficult to find someone here to talk to, let alone date. Just because you had horrible experiences with older men, does not mean we are all like that. Some of us are actually looking for a relationship first, and then let the rest fall into place when it does.
    Don’t let your past cloud your views on everyone.

    1. @Greg, Yeah, no kidding. And it’s not like when she hits 30 she’ll magically attract the right guy. It’s how she goes about selecting men that’s the problem. And if she or any transsexual woman keeps doing the same thing, she’ll keep getting the same guys whether she’s 18 or 80. So her age has very little to do with it (apart from lack of experience). It’s her mentality and belief system in the dating world. There are perverts and users in every age group and in both sexes/genders.
      This is typical female behavior. Instead of blaming herself, she blames the men she chose. 🙄
      Same principle with tgirls who label all guys who are sexually attracted to them as “chasers”.

      1. I think her broader point is still true. A teenage ladyboy SHOULD focus on herself, on getting an education so she can get a job and support herself. She shouldn’t pin everything on her meeting an older man who will support her.

        And the age difference thing, personally, I find a richer experience dating someone at least somewhat close to my age. It’s more of a give and take and eqaul experience I think. If you’re much older than your girlfriend, I think you become too much of a kind of mentor figure, which isn’t necessarily bad, but as I say, I think there’s a richer kind of love than that.

        Anyway, few if any teenagers are truly ready for a committed relationship, and there are a lot of older men who will take advantage of a teenage ladyboys hopes.

        I think it’s in her best interest to focus on herself, build herself a launchpad for her own life first. Then in her 20’s she can date older men if she chooses. Sure she won’t suddenly have the ability to attract the right guy, but she’ll be smarter, and have that base for her own life.

        I think that’s the point of the article, teenagers don’t need to be in a rush.

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