Dilemmas with Dating Ladyboys

Posted on June 16, 2018
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Dating is never easy but dating ladyboys is another story.

I am not sure of who you are and where you’re from but I know that it wasn’t an easy step for you to consider dating ladyboys openly. I’m a ladyboy and I’ve been through a lot with men so I know how discretion is vital to some.  You can date the most passable ladyboy on earth but there’s a nagging need from inside of you to figure out how everything’s going to work out.

Ladyboy Dating Dilemmas

I’m going to divide the problems into sections.  Please be aware that everything I will write here may or may not be relatable to you.

I just want you to know that there are some situations that you may feel are petty but to some, are life-threatening.


It’s a popular factor in terms of dividing people’s beliefs and it’s something that can cost your whole life. If you are so religious and you can’t let go, then don’t date ladyboys.

Stop being selfish. That ladyboy is looking for someone to grow old with.  If you think you’re going to hell or whatever its translation is for dating ladyboys, just stop.  You have to be sure of yourself before you drag other people into your volatile life. If you’re not looking for a serious relationship because of your religious beliefs, then be straight to the point. Don’t mask the term love with your pent up carnal desires.  Some of you may say that you are living in a country where you might get killed for liking ladyboys.  Well, sweetie, that’s not the ladyboy’s problem anymore.  You can make choices, you can escape, you can do whatever you can if you really want to.  Why involve her in the mess?


I believe that your real family is whoever will be there for you no matter what.  Flesh and blood sound classic but if they can’t accept your lifestyle, then what’s the point?  It wasn’t your choice to exist in this world and it’s crazy how some parents get to easily disown their children because they turn out to be a part of the LGBT community.  If you want to live your whole life pandering to your parents, then don’t date ladyboys.

I’m a ladyboy and I don’t want to deal with your family’s drama anyway. Save that for the telenovelas.

I want a MAN who can stand his ground not a weak boy without balls.
Enjoy living a lie or endure the cold nights alone honey.


This is just plain dumb, to be honest.

First of all, family and religion were bestowed upon you since you were born.  Picking friends, however, now that’s YOUR choice.  If you deliberately chose homophobic friends, then that’s on you.  Get this loosely based phrase from Lily Allen’s song “Fuck You” in your tiny brain, Fuck you and Your Crew.

Final Words

Don’t waste the time of other people.
Experiment with Siri or Alexa.
Get a Japanese blow-up doll.
Kindly stray very far away from ladyboy dating sites.




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