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Difference in Dating Ladyboys

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There are a lot of pleasurable things in life and dating ladyboys are one of them.  I don’t want to differentiate ladyboys as we are women as well but it’s inevitable for some factors to differ.

My transition started when I was 16 years old. I am able to empathize with how it’s like growing up with a “boy” lifestyle.  There are also some moments even up to this day that I can consider myself masculine (How I think).  I hope my thoughts don’t get misconstrued because scenarios change but I have a lot of ladyboy friends like me and it suffices to say that we have a lot in common.

What makes dating ladyboys different?

I’m going to tackle scenarios of my personhood’s foundation and not so much of my “feminine” side.  Although I love girly stuff, there are things that I love that can be compatible with most men in general.

We all know that similar people always tend to have a smooth-sailing relationship.

Video Games

I was born in 1990 and I grew up with the revolution of gaming consoles.  My nostalgia consists of Sony Playstation, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Gameboy, and etc.  I am not saying that girl gamers don’t exist; but in general, men play more video games than women.

It’s a very good common ground when dating ladyboys because imagine the fun of you two playing together (I know what you’re thinking you perv).  There will be endless topics that will evoke both of your wonderful memories and it’s something that I really like talking about when I date men my age.  Up to this day, I still play video games and I am pretty sure that most men my age still do.

You won’t have to worry about your girlfriend unplugging the computer (mom!?) because she’ll gladly join you in a 5 vs 5 MOBA game lol.

Less Emotional

Alright before I get attacked, this section is solely based on my experience.  I have a mother, sister, aunts, and friends who are cisgender women and they are why this section was created.  Compared to them, I and my ladyboy friends are less dramatic.
They often tend to escalate situations and those situations can get really ugly.  I’m not sure if they’re all just short-tempered or too sensitive but you know what I’m talking about.

Little things like leaving the plate on the table after eating, spilling drinks, or the volume of the TV will all guarantee me a scream at home from my mom or sister.  I don’t experience those from my brothers or father but I’m not saying that my mom or sister is evil for doing so.  My point is that they are designed in a certain way and it can be “cute” sometimes lol.

I’m the first person who dislikes drama and my ladyboy friends are almost always resilient and don’t dwell too much on negativity.  We always find ways to laugh in any situation so maybe this is the reason why you’ll find it appealing to date ladyboys.


I’m a ladyboy and just like you, I get morning woods.  I think about sex almost all the time and sometimes it can drive me crazy.
This can be a turn-on for most men so I included it.  Sex is not the only reason why you should date ladyboys but I think this is a very generous bonus.  I’m sorry if I ruffled some feathers, I really don’t mean to.

Please know that my articles are mostly based on my experience and I respect if you disagree with my thoughts.



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Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
Just a random trans woman playing with makeup and skincare. Loves bacon and the operating table. I'm also the author of the dating guide book Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen. Know more ->

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One thought on “Difference in Dating Ladyboys

  1. I like that you made the disclaimer that this is from your experiences and circle of friends & family.
    Gaming can be a bonus, depending on the guy. It’s a bonus for me because I’m very much into Elder Scrolls computer games.

    On the emotional topic, you sound pretty chill, which most men like. 👍🏻 A couple men I talk to who live in Philippines and have long-term relationships with transgirls claim that instead of the monthly hell week from regular girls, ladybugs go through an emotional hell day about once a week due to HRT.

    Your libido story is definitely not the norm. Many of the transgirls I’ve talked to say they’re pretty much nonfunctional down there, which is unfortunate to say the least, for both partners. A majority of trans-attracted men love a ladyboy’s penis. That’s not saying it’s the ONLY thing we like about you (plural). Just like guys who like girls that have vaginas, you date and search and filter through a community or selection of people with similar or appealing traits (physical, social, religious, sexual) to find one you really like.

    Good article 👍🏻
    And thank you for being open with the readers. I wish more transgirls were open so that they could help demystify some false beliefs about transsexual women.

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