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What’s wrong with being just a simple girl who don’t bite

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Ok girls, it’s gonna be tough. I feel like I’ve been on this ladyboy dating field for ages. Both online and offline. Although I don’t take any actions and I mostly stay in shadow but I still got a lot to say. And you gonna listen to it because the happiness of both of us depends on it.

So one day you found out that you are actually a woman. A tender woman soul trapped in a rough male body. Congrats! You are deep in shit. But don’t take it to heart, we are all deep in shit. You are just a bit deeper. First, you need to find a way out of that male body. Right? And then? What’s then?

Good news first

You, girls, found a way to cheat a nature. You don’t actually need to escape the male body. You can transform it into what you want. And you are really successful with transformations. Some of you more, some less but in general you are all doing well.  Seriously, when I met ladyboys on the street my way of thinking changes from “him” to “her” automatically.

I have no words to describe how much I admire all your efforts, how much you inspire me and how much I am attracted to you. That must be really hard to deal with a male body. But, again, I see success and applaud to it. What I am trying to say here is that this is only a halfway.

Bad news second

Most of you girls stop at that point. You dedicate your life to transformation and you did it. You’re women now. But will your boyfriend take you to the pub or football match? To the live music show? To his office or studio? To meet his friend or family? Well… the answer is no. He will leave you at home to cook a dinner and to clean up the house. And when he comes back he will have sex with you. That’s all. That’s what men do to women.

And before you tell me that this is exactly what you want please remember that usually, men have some other women in their office, in the pub and so on. Is this happiness you search for? Of course not. But this is what you sign yourself up is just a simple girl who seeks a simple happiness with simple men.

Develop yourself

It’s really easy to please men and lots of women can do it. But it is very hard to keep men and only a few women are able to do so. How can you do it? The answer is… TA-DA… be cool! And men will be in your shoes. How can you be cool? Develop yourself! This is the second half.

Everyone has his own way. Some people are interesting because of their job. While some can excite you by their hobbies. Some are attractive, and thanks to their creativity. Some people are just smart and very well educated.

What you need is to have a passion for something. This is the true beauty! Let’s call it the beauty of a soul, ok? And only a combination of beautiful body and soul can make you special. Not your ding dong.

Why are you deeper in shit

I am quite sure that most of the men who like trans women also like a genetic woman. And genetic a woman passed a first half of the way just when they were born. They have whole time of their life to work on their soul beauty and some of them are pretty successful in it.

And don’t forget that they are many. We have a much larger choice of genetic women than trans. So you have to work twice as harder on yourself. First of all, you need to beat all the genetic women in body beauty. Secondly, you need to conquer a man by your soul beauty.

Let’s finally start to work on the second half. Shall we?


First of all, we need to beat the shit out of your mind.

– Stop to watching TV. Don’t ask why. You never understand why you need to do it until you really stop it. Just trust me. It is the biggest hole in your brain to brainwash and repress you.
– Stop with clubs and pubs, pop music, fancy events, beauty contests and all these glamour and fashion stuff. This stuff makes your brain weak and turns your thinking to jelly.
– Stop with easy going people who have nothing in their life but drinking and clubbing. A good circle of friends means contributing to each other, pushing each other higher.

I am sure you are angry at me now. I am saying nonsense. I wish it could be an easier way to explain why you need to do such things but there is not. You just have to believe. It is like dealing with smokers. They never agreed that they are in trouble until and only if they quit. I was a smoker for 10 years and I know shit. And I also was on that side of dullness for a half of my life so I know what I am talking about.


Now we need to put coolness inside of you.

– Go geeky. Books are always better. It can be any kind of fiction books or whatever. Just start to read. Believe me books has much better stories to tell. It will affect you in a very good way.
– Go nerdy. Educate yourself. If you have a smartphone you have an access to all humankind knowledge. Again it can be anything from physics to psychology, from Japanese language to flute playing. Pick something you used to like being a child and start to learn or practice.
– Go out. Search for new friends in decent areas. Find an expat events or check co-working places. Go to skate park or stick to a rock band. If you can afford school then apply for some evening classes or any other educational program.

My taste in trans

Just to give you an idea about who I personally want to go on a date with. Here I go. I would like my girlfriend to be an IT or engineer. Well that’s obvious because I am one of them. She can also be any kind of scientist. Love it too! Also it could be nice to live with person of art: designer or more traditional artist. Musicians are awesome too. What I am trying to say here is that even if it’s not a match to my things (for example she is an athlete or lawyer) it is still gonna be very cool as long as she is passionate in it.

On the other hand, I also have a list of people who I don’t want to go on a date with. But I think you can guess. The point here is that you must start to work on yourself right now. Even if things looks impossible to you. Even if you think you are old. If you didn’t even think about reaching some stars. Remember, that you have all knowledge of humankind in your pocket just right now. I know it sounds so gay but it is true.

Also remember that relying on your beauty will take to the kitchen in the best case or to the red light district in the worse. Relying on both of body beauty and beautiful mind will give you bright future. And all men will come to you by themselves.

When I say transforming into the woman or being a woman I don’t mean reassignment surgery or hormonal therapy. This stuff is actually freaking me out. I mean changing the way you look is already enough for me to think about you as a woman.

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