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“Shaming” ladyboys or their partner

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This is going to be brutal and to the point and I want every ladyboy and man reading this to think about themselves and the people they want to be with. We all hide our inner demons but some of us deny our true selves far more than others.

What is “Shaming”?

I put the word in quotations because it’s ridiculous for this to even exist. Shaming is the process of someone being put to shame, in this context it’s people enjoying something that most of the world views are wrong, strange, funny or bizarre. None of these words are good when they’re associated with being ashamed. In my opinion if you’re ashamed, don’t do whatever it is that makes you ashamed.

Don’t be ashamed

My beautiful girlfriend is a ladyboy and I’m so proud of her. I met her, held her hand, dined with her, met her family and friend and introduced her into my life. I understand this might be hard for a man that has always tried to look “Heterosexual” even though you can be Heterosexual in a trans relationship. Here’s the thing, some people in my family laughed at my relationship, judged me and then felt guilty for it. Is that my problem? No, I’m not ashamed as a male partner to a ladyboy. They will not have power over me.

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Why it’s pathetic

So many genetic men, women, trans or whatever you call yourself have demons. Maybe some of us masturbate too much, maybe some of us meet people of the same genitalia for intimate favors, maybe we have slept with our best friends partner. It really doesn’t matter what your demons are but the reason they’re a demon is because you’re ashamed, we’re human beings and we’re perfect.

If you like sleeping with the same s*x who cares, if you like to play with yourself who cares? No one really cares unless it gets a severe reaction that causes a chain reaction, this is where shame comes in. However the people who “Shame” are the ones who are probably the most insecure people and they want to cover it up, don’t let them put you down. These people are pathetic.

Accept yourself

I’ve written about respect but this time it’s about respecting your relationship. If you feel one bit of shame about dating a ladyboy or shame about being a ladyboy then don’t get involved with it. You’re not being fair to yourself or your partner, I want my partner to walk around like she wants, who is as a woman because she is one.

She does and it makes me so proud to be with her, you don’t have to parade around but if someone asks if your partner is a ladyboy just be honest. They might be in shock or taken back by the revelation of your true desire but that is often short lived.

Lets play the long game here and accept ourselves, if we’re not ashamed of ourselves how can anyone belittle us? They can’t.

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  1. It’s really a good point to read…Thank you for writing a beautiful stories coming from a beautiful heart…god bless you

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