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Ladyboys need to respect oneself, the rest is clockwork

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Let me start by saying we all need self-respect. I don’t care who or what you are or what you call yourself, we all need it. However Ladyboys are especially important when it comes to self-respect for many different reasons. Men are everywhere, doesn’t matter where you go, we’re obvious and let’s be honest…we’re not that interesting guys.

So Ladyboys deserve more respect and guys are common as mud, then why do ladyboys accept horrible propositions and language by male members? I believe it’s due to a lack of self-respect.

I’m a man but I see what’s going on

I’m a man, I think like a man and I act like one but I do respect every living being, including myself. Ladyboys are rare and they’re beautiful, some are more convincing than others but all of them feel the same, like a woman because they are. However I reckon growing up with dilemmas and confusion about their place in the world makes them self conscious, even if they don’t think their self conscious.

We’re all amazing so act like it!

Let me tell you a simple fact, you’re amazing people. Accepting who you are and going out into the world as the person you were born to be takes courage. More courage than any heterosexual or homosexual being would ever need. Due to this and by being human you need to respect yourself more, look at your courage and commitment to yourself. You’ve accepted yourself, now let other people accept you. If they don’t then they don’t need to be in your life.

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The things I’ve seen & heard….

When I was on the site I was propositioned by a few Ladyboys, I declined of course but why are they propositioning me? Sometimes it’s the fact they just want money yes, but other ladyboys feel they’re nothing more than an object. The way men talk to ladyboys is a joke, don’t tolerate it. This sort of toleration makes ladyboys believe that it’s completely acceptable to be spoken to this way…it’s not. No one would accept these insults so why should you? The reason is the same as before, you’re brave, courageous people who deserve respect.

What can you do about it?

Currently most ladyboys are simply accepting the fact that men talk to them this way. You might politely reject but in actual fact the majority of the time these messages will be “accepted” by the ladyboy. If anyone treats you like an object or if anyone is insulting towards you please block and report them. Respect yourself, that’s all I ask as a fellow human being.

Why you can forget about so many men

If you didn’t know ladies men have to pay to get on the  dating site, you don’t, why do you think that is? It’s because your special. Some men will only want to sleep with you but the majority want a serious long term love life. You can pick any man you want, don’t settle for some clown who demands private content or speaks to you in a negative way. It’s like men and women in the real world, a man always walks up to the woman. Make him do the leg work and if he isn’t respectful then decline and move on to another gentlemen.

All in all be brave, respect yourself and know how special you are to this world that is constantly accepting everyone slowly.

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  1. hello… i m so agree with u… very touch me , make me cry because i have many stories in my life …

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