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Ladyboy dating in the west

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‘It’s hard

I knew since I was about 18-19 that I was attracted to ladyboys, there was something about them that I loved and I wanted to be with one. I dated a few cisgender women in very successful relationships but it was never what I truly wanted. Why did I choose to go into relationships with cis women ? The reason is that finding a western ladyboy is near impossible and I’m not attracted to men.

The sex where else to turn

I never pursued my wanting to date a ladyboy that much but when I did I went to any corner of the web I could to find a place. I’ve tried several websites aimed at sex, the category I looked at was transgender and it normally pointed towards transvestites, not ladyboys.

I wasn’t there for sex but I was hoping I could find someone genuine on a sex site (I know foolish). I’ve met two people from that website and honestly it started with sex…it was a sex website but I told them I wanted more than pointless sex. One of them pushed me away while the other seemed to embrace the idea.

My first “ladyboy” relationship

I’m going to use the term “her” even though it was more of a transvestite scenario. Honestly it felt good to be with someone who acted like a woman, looked like a woman; but had that flare of a ladyboy. The only problem was it was part time and I only saw her every so often and we couldn’t be a proper couple due to her work life.

Eventually things died off and it came to nothing, it was rare that it started in the first place. I was left feeling pretty down as I had no where else to turn to meet a ladyboy.

The appearance and stigmata

Unlike Asia, in the UK and the rest of Europe ladyboys aren’t well known. It’s not common place to see them or talk about it. This causes another issue. Ladyboys here don’t feel that they can “come out” and express who they are due to this stigmata. This means men like myself find it extremely difficult to meet and date ladyboys. If they don’t show themselves then how can we find one? Westerners in general also have a harder time changing their appearance to be a ladyboy due to increased facial hair, skin complexion and many different things. Another reason for them not to “come out”.


Now I’m not advertising, I don’t get paid for this I do it due to my passion and belief. The amount of UK members is slim on the site but it’s because of the points above. However if you’re like me and you feel strongly attracted to ladyboys then it’s the site for you. I don’t mean for sexual curiosity or anything like that, I mean for love. I’m so lucky that one day I stumbled onto this site, my partner lives in the Philippines but I don’t mind as I’m happy and I’ll move there soon. Just remember to mention the site and spread the word, help people find a person they want to love.

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  1. Title was misleading. I thought this was going to be about experience dating ladyboys in the west, not dating a Filipina ladyboy in the Philippines.

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