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5 stereotypes of ladyboys dating foreigners

Maki Gingoyon
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I know this isn’t pleasant to the ears but I got to be real on this topic, for this is every woman’s struggles who have a foreign boyfriend, and people just have to realise that this is not true in all cases hence it is a stereotype. I am sure that you are going to nod your head as we go through these stereotypes.

1. Ladyboy and her family is financially supported by her boyfriend

There is nothing wrong about it for it is probably the will of her partner to support her and her family and simply they might have made a pact. But times are changing now and this does not apply in most cases. There are a lot of trans women whose families do not need financial support in the first place, there are trans women who have decent jobs and need no monetary support. It is quite funny and actually insulting if you receive comments like

“You must be rich now because you have a foreign boyfriend.

“You are so lucky for you and your family will be financially supported by your foreign boyfriend.” 

Transsexual women nowadays have more opportunities to earn money for themselves and for their family, so next time if you see a transgender woman dating a foreign boyfriend hold your judgment back for the girl might have a thicker wallet than the guy.

2. Ladyboy girlfriend becomes millionaire

I did not know that foreigners became lottery prices. Well, they never did and will never be! So how come having a foreigner makes you an instant millionaire? This one is a bit exaggerated, but true! People think that once you have a foreign boyfriend you are already rich, rich in love maybe but not necessarily rich in the bank. We thought that all foreigners are rich to the extent that it will make their future partners a millionaire.

The reality is most of the foreigners do not even have millions, but surely they have enough money to support themselves and probably enough savings to create a family. Though it can be true that that there will be improvements on how you live, like you will have a better house, better neighbourhood but not necessarily living in a mansion like most millionaires do.

3. No money, no honey

This stereotype is giving so much low regard to the dignity of every ladyboys and to the rest of the women. The society immediately sees a ladyboy dating with a foreigner as a woman who has no other interest but only for financial reason. If a transgender woman is walking with her foreign boyfriend there is this notion that you are with a foreigner because you are after for his money.

That is not true at all, do you really think that we trans women cannot earn our own money? There are more ladyboys nowadays who are earning money and they can support themselves. There are so many independent transgender women these days who need a man not for their money but for their respect and love.

4. You met on a dating site

We maybe are in the world of high technology where people can meet easily online, but we are also in the time where more young people expanded their network that allows them to meet other people. It is not true that if you have a foreign boyfriend, automatically you met on a dating site. There are so many ways  to meet other people, like travelling, introduced by a friend, or even meet from work.

There is nothing bad of meeting people on a dating site, after all we own a transgender dating site. What is wrong is to immediately assumed that a ladyboy meets her foreign date online. It is possible that you met someone while on vacation. It could also be true that they met at work or were introduced by a friend. The world is so small not to think of possibilities in meeting people in so many ways.

5. You are a hooker

This is very disrespectful towards the whole being of a woman and all her abilities and capabilities. It is so sad to know that people see all transgender women who have foreign boyfriends as hookers. No offence to hookers, but generalising trans women with a foreign boyfriend are hookers is not just acceptable. There are so many trans women who are now working abroad and living their lives as the woman that they are with so much dignity. A lot of trans women who are now working as a nurse, make up artists, stylists, designers not to mention the corporate world, specifically trans women in the Philippines.

Not only transgender women are affected by these stereotypes but all kinds of women. These stereotypes do no good in creating a more accepting society, and I hope by letting you know that these stereotype is not true any more will help you change.  Change how you see and treat ladyboys not just ladyboys dating foreign guys but ladyboys in general.

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Maki Gingoyon
Mabuhay! I am a Filipino transgender woman who believes that making friends with, or dating and loving a transgender woman should not be ashamed of.

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2 thoughts on “5 stereotypes of ladyboys dating foreigners

  1. Oh, yes, that’s the typical stereotypes and cliches that are walking in the media and in society. I enrage the people who do not understand that we are not perverts and it is not a sexual deviation, but it’s an expression of love and feelings. By the by, this http://camsexbabe_com/ is coming into fashion among lgbt

  2. I have to disagree that. Many filipino t.g are under educated as it costs money. To get a good education. This along with the prejudice that exists in Filipino society means many are in low paid unskilled jobs. True there are a few in well paid jobs but these are definitely the exception

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