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6 signs that a guy is serious in dating a ladyboy

Pharine Lee
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Sometimes online dating can be quite challenging for us ladyboys especially when we are completely clueless about the guy that we are talking to. Even he says he loves you, somehow you still don’t feel the security and you’re like hanging on a cliff might let go of you any moment.

Now how can we now that he is the right one? Are there any signs that we can look for that will lead us choosing the man that we deserve? Yes there is. However, behaviour of guys still varies from individual’s personality and that could be possible reason why not all signs can be seen from him.

No disappearing act

In an online dating you may encounter guys that will just go offline for days or weeks without saying where they are going and you’re like wondering why he’s gone and “POOF” there he goes again talking to you like nothing happened. It only means he doesn’t care if you’ll be looking for him or not.

You are in his plan

Along conversations, dreams and ambitions are one of the topics. Does he include you in his dreams?; i.e. “we will live in a huge house with garden and stuff”. Now he may not mention you right away if you just met recently but some guys will say “if ever we click or get along well we will travel etc.” this could be a good sign that he is worthy.

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He tells you his past

Not specifically his past relationship but his life. Funny, tragic, embarrassing, or accident, a guy who tells you every detail of his life or any event and stuff he is doing is a sign that he is into you. This only means that he loves talking to you and the best of all is there are no dull moments and didn’t notice the time that you’ve been talking to him for hours. And it also mean he trust you so keep that trust and don’t break it.

Everything feels so light.

Every one of us has depressing life story or situation like alcoholic dad, didn’t finish school, financial problems and more but when these serious things turned out not serious at all when brought up during chat, it’s another sign that you are talking to the right guy. Anyway, partners in life should make you feel better in whatever situation right? So better grab him.

Your warning is not a threat.

We ladyboys are quiet demanding specially when it comes to chat time, and sometimes we give them a little warning like “if you are not online before 6 and more stuff like that” he may find it irritating. Guys might argue or reason out, but if he finds it cute and accept it as a good thing, well, be the happiest ladyboy on earth. This could only mean that you have reached the point where both of you are already comfortable enough to have such conversation like that.

Risque photos and videos.

Now biggest deal of all, “he asked for my sensual photos or get risque on cam” should I avoid him? Now before we accuse him of anything, let’s not forget girls that we ladyboys are the new image of hotness and men always find it irresistible that’s why ladyboy dating sites for someone like us are everywhere.

However, asking or doing these sensual stuffs may bring good or bad result in your online relationship depending on a few of factors like how soon and the level of comfort and trust you have for each other. If he asked it too soon and you felt that you were abused, say no, if he respect it, didn’t insist and tell you tell that he is willing to wait, then he could be the one. Remember you always come to this point but there will always be a right time for everything.

On a ladyboy dating site, finding the right guy really takes time and effort. Sometimes without noticing we tend to become negative when it comes to chatting because of the years we spent on it looking for the right guy. It gives you the feeling of starting over and over again but patience is truly a virtue. Always keep in mind that positive attitude attracts positive result.

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The first decent dating site for ladyboys & cool guys
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About the author

Pharine Lee
Hello everyone I am Pharine. Graduate of Care Giving, Cosmetology and Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Physical Education. I love make over and currently co-owner of Pink & Fab Salon.

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One thought on “6 signs that a guy is serious in dating a ladyboy

  1. i don’t understand the warnings about if you not online by 6 unless you agreed to talk at a time before that, say 5.30. Otherwise you are as bad as the man you criticise in the first point. If a ladyboy gave me that warning without an explanation then I would run.
    Personally I would state that unless you want to be a mistress or a short term lover then you should not indulge in webcam hot, certainly not until you have met. As for sultry photos you can look sultry in a skirt.
    One thing I did ask my gf was to send me a full length photograph and not just a headshot.
    Any man who is serious will respect the woman and most decent men only want their women to be sultry for them. Ladyboys especially fall in love too easily, I can understand that as most are starved of masculine love. native men want them for intimacy alone or the money they supply. so don’t be swayed by flowers and gifts, they are a good sign, but to a western man they are cheap. Get to know them well first before giving your heart. For every genuine man there are dozens of heartbreakers.
    Finally remember at some time they will have to see you without make up, for me , it is best to see the person like that before they come but that is a sensitive issue..

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