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5 effective dating tips for ladyboys in search of Mr right

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Ladies, this entry is for you. There have already been dating tips for guys, but now the tables need to be turned so that you have some tips as well.

Have a good attitude about things

The guys who take the time to get to know you probably have a good idea about how rough it can be a ladyboy in the Philippines, Malaysia and other countries. A good attitude and personality though will trump a girl who is using her looks to get with someone. They may look absolutely gorgeous, but if their personality is poor and her outlook on life isn’t a good one, then that can definitely be a deal breaker, regardless of how beautiful she is.

Be kind and respectful

Guys are very attracted to this. Hold a decent conversation and most likely one of the last topics that will ever come up is intimacy. If things go right, then that won’t become a topic until way later in the friendship, or the intimate relationship that you are looking for. If the guy is truly a nice person, then he will show you the utmost respect and kindness while talking to you. It’s fun and exciting meeting someone new. They don’t want to ruin that experience at all.

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Don’t ask for money

Neither for medication, food, or any other reason. It is a complete turn off, and if you do, word can get around pretty fast about staying clear of you and you’ll most likely get banned from a ladyboy dating site as well. Also, if you do that, then the guy will want something in return and most of them (if not all) are not looking for a girl like that. They want a girl who knows what she wants in life. Guy’s understand it’s hard in the Philippines for a TS woman. If you show who you really are, chances are in time a guy may help make things easier, but it’s not going to happen right away. Not for a long time even.

Have your profile picture be an accurate representation of one’s self

One of the worse things you could do to hurt yourself in finding true love is to lie about how you look. Do not put a picture of some beautiful model as your own if it’s not you. Ladies, you should already feel beautiful. There is someone out there for everyone. There is no reason to lie about how you look. If you do, you are only hurting yourself in the end.

Be a carefree ladyboy

If you actually have a chance to meet someone who is respectful, and into trans women or ladyboys, show that you know how to have fun in a good way. Don’t just talk about the things you like to do, go out and do them. Show him the type of fun he he’s missing if he’s not dating you. Let him know you’re all about him and in return he will show he is all about you. He may also show you what he likes to do for fun.

I smell a match made in heaven!

I hope ladies, that these tips and advice help you in your search for true love. It’s not a guarantee following these tips will make you successful in your search, but they will definitely point you in the right direction at least. Good luck ladies!

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The first decent dating site for ladyboys & cool guys
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4 thoughts on “5 effective dating tips for ladyboys in search of Mr right

  1. This is very good advice. When I met my current girlfriend it was her beauty that attracted me to her at the start, I wasn’t looking for anything serious. But it was her equally beautiful personality (kind, caring, fun) that made me completely fall for her and why I care for her deeply.

  2. The fourth point is extremely important. Recently I was going along extremely well with a girl from the site. She looked a very cute girl in the photos she uploaded to the site. But I just saw her facebook profile and realized that her photos in the site were extremely enhanced, I mean, extremely, even looking in some photos as a completely different person than her photos in her facebook profile. The point is, I’m shocked, and would be really sad to me to confront her about my discovery, because she is a good and honest person, and I would be glad to be her friend, but nothing more.

    So that, if a transgendered woman is looking this thread, please upload realistic photos of yourself, as one does. For me, at least, is a crucial part of being honest with one self and with the other person. This is said by a extremely shocked person, and I don’t want to anyone else to experiment the dissapointment I’m feeling right now.

  3. Something I find frustrating is when I write a long letter to a girl and she just writes back with a superficial, one sentence response. If you are not interested, just say you’re not interested.
    If you are interested then write longer letters about yourself and share your history and what is in your heart. That’s the only way to get to know one another from thousands of miles away. Thanks.

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