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Ladyboy G-Spot where is it?

Pharine Lee
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This G-spot is where every trans oriented men or versatile guy (more about top, bottom and versatile) should know to keep his ladyboy partner happy and satisfied when it comes to lovemaking. This is quite important most especially in this Valentine’s season.

Are you currently dating or in a serious relationship with a ladyboy? If so, keep reading to know how to keep her entangled by your web of love.

Your Sexual Mentality

Ladyboy orgasm can be achieved through great sex. However, if your sexual mentality is more than up to par, she will be coming back for more. Great sex is a luxury that only a few people can afford. Once you achieve it, you have to take a great hold of it.

This is what she must think about you. For her to find your grasp inescapable, you have to focus on your mental sexiness. What this entails is a lot of intimacy, consistency, and upgrades.


Intimacy can be achieved through a lot of means. But what this means for a couple is something well-beyond the surface. If you want her to linger, you must make her feel like you’re only sharing certain things with her. These are done through intimate touches, words, and affirmations.

Cyril and maki on a bed

Whenever you’re doing the deed with her, explicitly mention what you like about her body. This will make her feel special and will make her ladyboy orgasm more explosive. Mention every curve, crevice, freckle, mole, color, etc. of her body.

If she has full lips, tell her how you enjoy munching on her full lips. If she has curly hair, say how you utterly enjoy twisting every curl as you taste her tongue. Just remember that intimacy should have no limits and should never be something that sounds as generic as how you “like her lips”.


Now that she already has an idea of how sexy your brain is, it’s time to let her know that there’s more to you than what meets the neurons. Part of being sexy is having consistency. Nobody likes to be with a one-hit-wonder. Make her feel like what you’re doing to her does not have an expiration date.

Cyril and maki Happy

When you are not together, you can continue intimacy through text messaging and video calling. Modern technology affords us a lot of ways to channel our intimate feelings. When you’re away, don’t make her feel like she’s losing you. Intimacy is like a candle, it’s only good when it’s lit.

Keep the fire burning by being consistent. If you don’t, she will feel like she’s just one of your many toys. Instead of her being put to a sexy mental state, she will be filled with distrust and insecurities.


Many people get bored with the same old thing. This can be true to relationships as well. This is why you need to upgrade your intimacy with her from time to time. A lot of ladyboys enter relationships with open hearts. They don’t just commit because of great sex and warm cuddles.

If you have been dating a ladyboy for over three months and you have not upgraded her relationship with you yet, she may feel like you are just stringing her along. Many ladyboys enjoy sex better if they are doing it with the one whom they love and care for.

a guy and a ladyboy

Should she become officially your girlfriend, the sex will be tenfold better. Because she trusts and knows that she is not in an NSA type of setup, she will have fewer inhibitions.

This is practical common sense that a lot of men don’t know because of their fear of being tied down. You don’t have to go further to find proof about this. Just look at your friends. Once you get truly close to them, the friendship becomes way more fun.

The Power of Foreplay

Now that you have discovered how to unlock sexual mentality, it’s time to gather the power of foreplay. Yes, ladyboy anal sex and anything that involves ladyboy prostate are all very popular. However, the foreplay must not be missed. Anyone can achieve ladyboy orgasm but the foreplay dictates if a sexual activity is making love rather than just a quick bang.

Inarguably, great sex impresses a lot of ladyboys. But you must know how unforgettable kisses, caresses, and whispers can be. Foreplays are why romance novels and movies are such a huge hit. The tension, buildup, and anticipation are all very exciting emotions that most people can relate to.


When you kiss someone, puckering up is not enough. You must explore the art of French kissing. A good kiss starts with a genuine expression of one’s emotion. A great kiss is elevated through the use of the tongue and releasement of inhibitions.

beautiful ladyboy

Furthermore, if you want the kiss to be extra special, you don’t stop at the mouth. Use your mouth in more ways than one. Slide it down to every nook and crevice of her body and end it up with devouring anything below the waist.


Kissing her all over her body and whispering sweet words to her are all great. However, if you’re not using your hands, you’re going to lose momentum. Whenever you kiss her mouth, your hands must be multitasking. Grab her butt, breasts, or hair while doing so.

handsome ladyboy

She must feel you with every fiber of her being. Remember, you’re not going for cookie-cutter lovemaking. You’re making love to her on Valentine’s day. Make every moment special!

A Top’s G-Spot

Now we all know that men’s G-spot is located right under the tip of their tool and it can be stimulated through penetration and a lot more, but how for ladyboys who are at the bottom most of the time?

sexy ladyboy

Can ladyboys experience pleasure through anal? The answer is YES! Ladyboys have a G-spot right down there, but where is it? It is where the prostate gland is located and it’s 2 to 3 inches away from the anus at the front wall of the rectum.

Since the prostate is responsible for squeezing sperm during ejaculation, there is a big possibility that might achieve climax even without touching the genitalia and that’s what they call prostate orgasm.

A Bottom Ladyboy’s G-Spot

Hitting the ladyboy’s G-spot depends on the angle and the length of your partner’s tool.

ladyboy is calling

Sexual Angles

Let’s tackle the angle first, if your tool is pointing down, the best position to stimulate it is through the doggie position. If it is pointing up, she should be in a missionary position where she is lying on her back and you are on top of her.

Penis Length

Now regarding the length, sometimes there are disadvantages if it’s too long or too short. When it’s long, you take control of the penetration. You could go as deep as you want but you have to make sure that every time you pull it back, you can hit the G-spot once you get inside again. I know that is quite tricky.

If your penis is below 4.5 inches in length, there could be difficulty in reaching the spot but don’t worry there are other ways to have it stimulated through prostate massage.

Other Tricks

How to do it? It’s easy, just have her lay on her back with legs apart, then insert your 2 fingers (middle and ring) palm facing up and do a slow come here motion. These work best with lube and watch out for fingernails, if possible, it’s better to wear gloves.

Sometimes, you will have completely no idea of what’s going on down there. If so, ask her what she truly enjoys. There’s nothing wrong with knowing how to please each other, right? I’m pretty sure that you will be much happier that she is genuinely enjoying herself.

Toys for Ladyboys

Valentine’s day is all about romance and love. It should be a day when inhibitions should have no chance of existing. This is the perfect day to introduce toys for ladyboys that will help her further achieve ladyboy prostate orgasm.

There are many sex shops online that sell toys specializing in evoking orgasm from the prostate. A lot of them come in fun colors, shapes, and sizes. There’s no need to be coy when it comes to this type of toy.

sex toys

However, you must know that some ladyboys might be scared from the get-go. It may take some time for her to get acquainted with it. Just buy one toy and try it out with her on the night after your Valentine’s date. See how she reacts.

If she is deathly afraid of it, you can set it aside for the moment. Should her face light up from the sight of it, it’s when you should start reading the manual. At the end of the day, none of these will matter if you are not giving her orgasms without love.

The most orgasmic relief that you could provide her is by doing everything in your power to make her feel like she is the most important woman in your life this Valentine’s Day.

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