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Why Is Ladyboy Love Difficult?

Meg Nuevo
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What is Love? Why do we require it? Who gives the right amount of Love and who doesn’t? These are just some of the questions that many of us ask which personally, I find impossibly disquieting sometimes but I admit I find myself wondering anyway – hopeful. Dating is like finding a piece of diamond in the rough – taxing and it takes time but it’s all worth it, or so I hope. Now, what makes it a challenge to finding Love?

Ladyboy dating sites are everywhere and with the experience that I have talking to a number of people, men and Transwomen alike, I always get the hint that it’s not as easy as they [and I] thought it would be. Difficult enough dealing with what the society is considering a “taboo”, what makes it more challenging is, according to some men, Transsexual women or Ladyboys are often times tougher to read and please. Why is this so? To the men out there who are “sure” of what they want and what they prefer in a relationship [but fine, to the curious ones too], here’s what I think about it.

Transsexuals are too cautious

Given the long journey to get to where we are right now [and I suppose I don’t really have to enumerate the long list of challenges we had to go through], Transgendered women often times find themselves in deep thoughts if whether or not this man is for real. I would say TRUST is a big word in our dictionary. It applies to everybody I guess but for Transgendered women,trannsexuals or ladyboys as commonly used in Asia, TRUST is a VERY BIG and delicate issue. It may require a lot of time to build and gain; also takes a second to lose it.

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Transwomen/ladyboys often times love the drama

I’m not saying all Transgendered women are big fans of Telenovelas [wherein the lead actor always tries his best to please the lead damsel in distress] but admit it or not girls, we… love… the… “attention”. Moreso, because of our unwavering belief in fairytales we submit to the idea that these men can put up to a lot of dramas we can think of [may it be for real or superficial] but the reality is, they can only invest into as much patience as they could. So save yourselves from a lot of more dramas when patience runs out and think of better things to do. Be productive. Find new hobbies. Live your own life. Your man will survive without hearing your voice for an hour or two. Also remember – absence makes the heart grow fonder. It might just work for you. Just a thought…

Some men just don’t cut it

What do you know guys… you play a big part in the equation too! [Wink]. Some men are just not the right people for ladyboys  or Transgendered women. Maybe they lack the patience to deal with the idea or the understanding of how a ladyboy’s mind works. If you feel this is not for you, then don’t waste another second and leave. On the other hand, if you are convinced and assured that /dating ladyboys is what you need in your life then, by all means stay and show some loving.

Ladyboy dating online is one arena that is admittedly very puzzling. Not everybody is fit enough or fit at all to join the Transgender game of love. It is not to sound pessimistic about things but it is more about being realistic on what other people may think as a fantastic search for something superficial. This is not a make-believe world. This is real interaction between two people who have lived for REAL LOVE.

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