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Ladyboy meets versatile guy

Pharine Lee
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When you read into his profile through a ladyboy dating site, or a guy tells you that he is versatile, somehow you see a red flag and there’s already a lot of question running in your mind like: did he slept with another guy before, or how often he wants to be the bottom, and somehow most of us feel like we are going to be less of a woman if we still pursue. Don’t panic girl, just relax because top guys get really scared too when their ladyboy girlfriend is versatile.

Now not all men are really versatile, sometimes they just put it on their profile just to show you that he could please you, especially those first timers who don’t have any idea about our world, but there are cases too that he is really a bottom but write or tells you that he is versatile in order for you not to be turned off totally. For some ladyboys, being on this situation is not totally new, there are profiles of ladyboys out there that’s says they are versatile or top, and they really are.

Should I turn him down?

Now how would you deal with it if you are new or not into this? First of all, men who like ladyboys are not gays and that’s for sure, there are just guys who are into the same sexual pleasure that we want. It’s like an ice cream, that you both want and enjoy so you share it. Even straight husband and wife are into it where strap-on are used but of course it’s not exposed because it’s an intimate matter that’s somehow still annoying to the rest of the world. Probably it’s going to be tough or easy for you to decide whether you go for it or not depending on different factors.

For example you have a strong belief that a ladyboy should be treated as a real woman in all aspect, or simply if you are a pre-op transsexual woman, then it’s going to be easy for you to turn him down. Another one is, “someone you like and someone you love” is totally different. For someone you like, versatile guy maybe be just an option for you because you are aware that there are top guys out there waiting for you, but for someone you love, you tend to be more considerate and open for possibilities and new ideas to work things out. In short, you are ready or going to make yourself ready to do everything that pleases him.

What really matters?

We all have our individual differences, and sexual roles are just part of it. Telling honestly on how you feel about it is the key in every relationship especially when it comes to intimacy. Having a versatile guy is like being on a love relationship where you really have to give and take in all aspect, but whether you end up with a top guy or versatile, what’s important is you do things with your own freewill and it’s within your comfort zone.

And in an online dating site like, we feel the importance of including sexual roles as part of the profile information. This is simply to set the expectations of the members towards a profile that he/she visited.

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Pharine Lee
Hello everyone I am Pharine. Graduate of Care Giving, Cosmetology and Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Physical Education. I love make over and currently co-owner of Pink & Fab Salon.

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4 thoughts on “Ladyboy meets versatile guy

  1. to be honest I can never understand why transgender women still retain their cock if they are not versatile. The benefits of losing it are far greater than retaining it if one is bottom only. for me I am glad that my partner is versatile, before we met I would have said I was top only. My experience had been with women and then a few transgender ladies. they did top me but I found the experience unwelcoming.
    However when one night my present partner whom I love deeply topped me I found it was one of the most magnificent and wonderful experience of my life.
    to feel her inside me was incredible, I felt so much love from her. I still mainly top but the occasions when she tops me I close my eyes and smile. it is then I know why I am with a transgender , she gives me everything a woman can and more..

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