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Ladyboy love in the red light district

Maki Gingoyon
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Ladyboy prostitutes, strip clubs, sex shops, adult theaters and other sex oriented businesses are commonly present in the red light districts. You see in one corner a sexy woman in high heels talking to a guy holding a beer, and next to it are group of girls talking to a guy or two trying to negotiate something. This may sound casual but in the red light districts this is business for women who work here, this is a serious business. These places have been also one of the common hang out places for tourists to find cheap beers and for most of them it is a place to find one night love affairs.

Transsexual women is not an exemption to the world of prostitution and there are men who looks for them specifically may it be out of curiosity or fetish. Ladyboys who are as passable as genetic women flock on these dim light roads of the red light district to look for possible clients. On one hand you see men from different walks of life caught themselves engaging to these women who are mostly ladyboys in Asia that may closed a casual intimate deal for the night. But do you think it is possible to find genuine love and relationship in this place?

Hope of finding ladyboy love

Red light district is not strictly for transsexual women who sell their bodies and to men who are looking for one night stands. I mean come ‘on I am sure you have been there once to hang out with your friends, and admit it, some of the bars which have good music are mostly likely located near or in the red light districts. And since this is the easiest way to find transsexual women like ladyboys in Thailand. Then no wonder most of our trans-oriented men go to the red light district to meet transsexuals.

If not some then most of them try to seek for a ladyboy to date hoping that it may lead to a serious relationship. And I believe that transsexuals that submit themselves into prostitution dream of having a decent man to accept them and love them for who they are. If both parties have these high hopes then no wonder there are relationships that are developed through these places. Well on a personal note that is quite a tricky relationship though, since you did not meet in a conventional place for meeting people who are ready and serious to commit into a relationship.

That ladyboy love from the red lights

Developing a relationship with someone you meet in the red light district is more difficult than any other relationships. Let me put it this way, it is obvious that if a man goes to this place he is for sure looking for fun in any way, he wants to have fun might be with friends or alone. There is a very low chance that he is looking for a wife or a girlfriend. If you develop a relationship with him there is a 10% possibility that it might be successful, for he might not be ready to commit to a serious relationship for personal reasons that may vary, or you could just be his temporary comfort to escape from his problems. Worst you may become his secret lover.

On the other hand, ladyboys that comes to this places mostly every night are prostitutes. Wearing her very sexy and inviting outfits with her pretty make-up on is not for hanging out and have fun but only to earn money. She is emotionally and psychologically prepared that the man she will meet is just a mere client and nothing more than sleeping with a man with no strings attached. Nothing is wrong, it’s just her a job, a kind of life she opted for. But if you get into a relationship with her you must know that she does not have any other job and if she is to quit prostitution then that means you will be supporting her.

Choosing her

Supporting her might not be a big issue but the fact that she is doing it, and easy and big money comes along by doing it, there is a bigger chance that she might go back to prostitution.

And those I mention are just the most obvious things that make such relationship tricky, there are more to it if we get into details. But nothing stops us from loving the person that makes our heart beat regardless of her/his history and as what they say, “love conquers all”. The only hope is just to love us back genuinely and give the same respect that we give to them. I believe love does not choose a place for you to search for it however there are just more appropriate places to search for people who are ready to commit into a relationship. Signing up for decent ladyboy dating site for one is perfect place to meet and date with men and transsexual women who are in search of genuine relationship. After all red light district is not a hopeless place.

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Maki Gingoyon
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