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Why the term “Ladyboy” shouldn’t be commercialized

Maki Gingoyon
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Transsexuals, transgenders, shemale, ladyboys, kathoey, newhalf … with the evolution of the transgendered people also came the different names that would refer to them. Usage of such terms also changed in this decade. Yet still referring to males who display an excessive degree of femininity. Some of them would go under the knives to truly become women. They undergo breast implants, Adam’s apple reduction, hormonal injections, etc. However, with the evolution of terms, we somehow cannot control this word’s reputation.

Out of all the evolution and progress of the gay community, the term “Ladyboy” somehow became the most famous. The term “Ladyboy” is an English rendered version of the term “Kathoey” with Thais and this latter expression has become popular across South East Asia. Some English sources gloss kathoeys as non-males.(Thanks to Wikipedia)

Ladyboy term

The coined term Ladyboy has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s moreover a disadvantage because of the reputation that it attracted. In Thailand, Kathoeys are accepted and are known in the industry where female dominates and sometimes even in industries where females are needed yet are fearful to venture in, like the sex industry. Because of their fun, free spirited personality, they often bring life to the tourism and entertainment industry.

The sex industry is in demand of more female workers and that’s where the ladyboys got in and even dominated the scene. It has been said, according to studies that Ladyboy sex workers have the highest rates of HIV, that alone destroys the reputation of all transgender women who had nothing to do with the sex industry.

Why I’m writing this

This is the reason why I am writing about this. The term Ladyboy is from the sex industry and trans women shouldn’t use it. We do not wish to tolerate such word and we want to make a change. Our site, initially attracts the transsexual community with the coined term. Somehow we feel bad when immediately; people would ascribe the notion that this is a porn site or a site where you can hire escorts.

his is because although the term ladyboy is a renowned word for transgenders, it should not be celebrated because of the negative image it brings. Myladyboydate would like to change the people’s mindset by offering you a decent dating site for transgenders and for people who are looking for love among transgender women.

My Ladyboy Date is more than just semantics

We feel the need to reach out to as many as we can. This is my way of helping uplift the name of transgender women by offering them a decent and respected dating site and writing blogs about common transgender issues. We encourage you to join us in this plea of change by joining us. You are more than just a ladyboy, you deserve love and respect. Join us by registering and creating an account with us. Experience the change and spread the love!

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Maki Gingoyon
Mabuhay! I am a Filipino transgender woman who believes that making friends with, or dating and loving a transgender woman should not be ashamed of.

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