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Dating ladyboys online makes you freak out?

Meg Nuevo
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Many of you may wonder if online dating really works especially on Transgender dating sites. If it does, then why do we see a lot of people not believing in the idea of meeting someone real in this piece of technology called the Internet. Also, a lot of people who had been members for quite a while are seemingly stuck with their Status being Single, never changed a bit. But seriously, why do a lot of these questions arise? What’s causing it? I have a few ideas if you go further down below.

Ladyboys and men are confused

Not knowing what You want. Some people are often confused between knowing what they want and what they need. With Transgender dating, it can be a fusion of both and often times a little too overwhelming especially for Men who consider themselves straight and top but are extremely attracted to ladyboys but continue to deny the idea anyway. This can often times result to a lot of frustrations from both sides men and ladyboys. But the sad thing is they’re still here – and still struggling. The key idea there is to know what makes you happy and start living it!

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Past transgender relationships

Trust Issues. Some people had had history of bad break ups – lost affection, lost dreams, and lost trust. These are men and transwomen who were lied to; people who invested so much and got nothing but frustrations in the end. But isn’t that the idea of Dating, to try and start a whole new beginning? So why bring your old baggage with you? Just a thought.

Not committed in serious transsexual dating

Sorry, I Am Not For Keeps. Some people have big signs on their foreheads saying “I’m not for anything serious”. They’re too big that you may be blind not to notice them. I mean, there is absolutely nothing wrong about maintaining contact with people who are not into anything serious [at the moment]. If you’re the kind of person who isn’t ready for any commitment then by all means enjoy having fun. Who are we to decide on what’s best for this setup?

 Fear of serious dating

I am Afraid. It is normal to feel fear especially on unfamiliar grounds say in Ladyboy online dating sites, but entertaining fear for so long does not really keep you safe from scrutiny. It makes you a coward – someone who hides behind the comforts of what is known to be “conventional”. Come to think of it, should you have not braved to step outside your door today, you wouldn’t have seen the sun and felt it’s warmth against your skin. Such beauty cannot be missed. The same goes for online dating or dating in general, all it takes is for you to take that first step – and be brave.

The truth is no matter how much you try to disregard these troublesome feeling there is just no way avoiding them. And no matter how much you try to wallow on the bad effects these bring you, you will only find yourself feeling scared over and over again. Dealing with them head on is apparently the easiest way to go around this issue. As I mentioned in my previous blog, all of this is a matter of taking chances like how you live your life everyday. No guarantees. Taking risks can sometimes be a little over the top – It may not be an easy task but sure is the most rewarding.

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The first decent dating site for ladyboys & cool guys
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