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Relationship with a ladyboy, or just an affair?

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When a married man has an affair with transgender woman, I will say this out loud, he may not be serious of making it as a permanent relationship, but if deep inside your mind you said that you are 100% confirm that he will take the relationship to the next level, you better pull the trigger near to your brain. Married man would never consider this. But getting married with a ladyboy is actually not impossible. 

There is a HUGE difference between relationship and an affair with a ladyboy. A relationship is about “I love you so much and he loves you as much as you do”. But an affair, there is a gigantic question mark, “I love you so much, BUT DO YOU LOVE ME?” If he hardly answers you back, well dear it’s time for you to be practical and have some self reflection. Married man and an affair is not a good meal combo. Based on my million years of observation, out of 10 affairs only 1 can consider as permanent success.

This means when a relationship begins with an affair, you should know that he wills to betray his wife; this will create a lack of trust in each other. Sometimes reality can be so cruel. However, married man having an affair with transsexuals not because of love but they see transwoman as sex objects. For you he is your world, but for him, you are just his door mat.

Are you in an affair?

If you are in the midst of an affair, I would recommend that you put the affair far away from your sweetest fantasy and do what you should do. Remember, an affair is different from genuine relationship because you don’t celebrate your wedding anniversary, you don’t share money to celebrate your yearly festival or even worst you can’t be together all the time. Affairs and relationships are like first class Louis Vuitton and authentic Channel handbags which both are luxury handbags but you can see big differences.

Ask yourself, has he ever text you or called you in daytime? Has he ever take you out for shopping or hold your hands in public with out thinking that you are a transgender? or being not afraid of what people say about him just because he is with a ladyboy? Do you remember when was the last time he talks to you on the phone discussing about your life, your interest or asking about your family, rather than he’s on the phone with you saying he is waiting for you outside your house and waiting for you to please him in the car? Ask yourself, and if your in tears because of those questions, I guess we are in the same boat.

Ladies, I decided to let go but I promise myself not to avoid him because I totally understand it is not easy for you to cut him off from your life because he is the reason you smile before. Start searching for SINGLE man who will be your very own. We have a vast selection of single men looking for a relationship with a transgender on MyLadyboyDate. Sign up now!

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One thought on “Relationship with a ladyboy, or just an affair?

  1. Avoid married men. it’s a road to heartbreak and ruin. No exceptions, and that is true for both ordinary and transwomen.

    Marrying a ladyboy is certainly possible and legal marriages can be conducted in many European states. However these are not, as far as I know, recognised in the RP, unfortunately.

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