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Meeting the family of my ladyboy girlfriend

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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One of the readers of this blog has sent me a sweet message via Facebook. In his message, he told me that he joined this Website ever since he saw my blog posts. He told me how inspired he was and that he thanks MyLadyboyDate because he was able to find the love of his life here. As a writer, one of the things I consider which can define my success is when I’m able to make someone happy, inspired and hopeful.

Meeting your ladyboy girlfriend’s family

His question was… “I’ve known a Filipina Ladyboy in MyLadyboyDate and I am madly in love with her, I am planning to visit her and her family wants to know me… What should I do?” As soon as I read his inquiry, I felt like a proud mother and I was very excited. In this blog post, I will give the same advice I gave him so that I’ll be able to help my male readers if they are in the same situation as him.

Filipina girlfriend

Philippines is a modern country but in terms of dating, the Filipino people are very traditional. If you want to have a Filipina Ladyboy wife/girlfriend, I highly recommend on impressing her family first. Show them that you have serious intentions with their daughter or sister and how happy you are that you’ve met her. Most men who court Ladyboys are invited for a special meal on the Ladyboy’s home. The event is prepared by the Ladyboy’s family and it is a sign that they are welcoming you to their lives. If ever this happens to you…

Act grateful and praise everything; from the food, their home, her mom’s looks and make a remark on how your Ladyboy girlfriend got it from her, her pets, her siblings, her father, and absolutely everything and everyone you can give a compliment to. This will automatically score you plus points from her family and they will be enamored to you.


Assure them that your daughter is in safe hands and that you will never do anything to make her sad. Don’t be arrogant and brag about who you are and what you are capable of because this will turn them off. Be humble and let your actions speak louder than words because you have to give them a great impression. Consider them as your allies because if you piss them off, they will not be supportive of your relationship. Filipina Ladyboys are very family-oriented and you don’t want to make your girlfriend think that you don’t respect her.


Give them gifts (Not necessarily expensive). I am sure that they spent a lot of money just to prepare a lovely meal for you. Give them something that will show them that you think of them and care about them as well. They are your second family and they are your family here in the Philippines.

Don’t visit her family when you didn’t even have a shower; think of it as a job interview… Dress to impress and lastly…


I hope that this post gave you good vibes and I hope that this helped!

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2 thoughts on “Meeting the family of my ladyboy girlfriend

  1. Yes this is good advice…I really think that many Filipino families are confused when a Western man starts dating their daughter/sister and you have to proceed very delicately. Remember to respect the father and most especially the mother. Never make a promise you can’t keep, too.

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