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Do ladyboys want a rich husband?

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Most people tend to think that all ladyboys are the same when it comes to their taste in men. Judgmental people often think that all ladyboys want a “rich husband”. Personally, even people who I meet randomly say that I could easily get a rich husband because I am beautiful and, to be honest, it INSULTS me. I am a person with a brain and I tend to use it in order to become rich, I don’t need someone to define who I am especially when it comes to my success.


Some Ladyboy Dating Websites are very tacky; they even ask you how much money you make per month when you sign up. This just gives a bad impression to men about Ladyboys. Frankly, I don’t find the reason why you should fill up a financial capacity inquiry in a dating website. People who join dating websites are looking for love and they are not filing their tax declaration. Some ladyboys also say epic lines such as “if you want to be my boyfriend, you have to be making a lot of money to pay for my hormones, cosmetics, clothes and etc.”, my only take on this is how they get to demand all of these things from someone who they are supposed to “LOVE”. The monthly allowance does not equate to love.

I have nothing against my sisters who are dreaming of finding a rich husband but I hope that they understand as well that not all ladyboys are the same with them and ladyboys like me who actually work for a living don’t want to be in the same category as them.

Hardworking Ladyboys

There are a lot of hard-working ladyboys who are looking for love, what I noticed is that men are turned off by us because they think that the ladyboys who don’t suck up to them are cold and uninterested. If you are a man and you think that a ladyboy who says “I love you” every day partnered with saying sweet nothings to you minute by minute loves you genuinely… THINK AGAIN. There are a lot of ladyboys out there who have a talent in being “sweet”, notice how much money you’re giving her a month and you’ll know her real intentions towards you.

Ladyboys dream BIG

Some ladyboys like me who have a career and goals in life make men think that we are “BITCHES” but in reality, we’re not. I am not saying we’re better than the other girls who make a living out of having a boyfriend, it’s just that when we spend time out of our careers and invest it into a relationship; then we are truly in love.

There are a lot of deceptions in the world of ladyboy dating websites, the blog posts will serve as guidelines but in the end, your decisions will always matter so always be smart and again… NOT ALL LADYBOYS DREAM OF HAVING A RICH HUSBAND.

Some Ladyboys dream of becoming business moguls, professors, actors, models, novelists, pilots, chefs, f1 racers and a lot more.

Good luck!

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Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
Just a random trans woman playing with makeup and skincare. Loves bacon and the operating table. I'm also the author of the dating guide book Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen. Know more ->

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2 thoughts on “Do ladyboys want a rich husband?

  1. Miss Dela Cruz, this has been the first article I’ve read, either on this site or the MyLadyboyGirlfriend blog, with which I’ve agreed in all its details. (Haha, sorry to Simon and Anne, much of my experience is contrary to many of the conclusions you make…but I digress, LOL ). Back to Miss Dela Cruz’s article…

    Since you won’t say so yourself, I will say it for you… Women who have goals and objectives beyond “getting what they can from men” ARE better, in my opinion. I’m a spiritual but not specifically religious person, so the expression “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop” is a metaphor in my mind, but a true one nonetheless. Some people are simply lazy, but they will do SOMEthing with all that free time, meaning at the very least they will still be consuming but usually not producing, ie taking without giving. (Some will say “What about her giving him sex?” and I reply, since sex is a mutual act, or it damn well should be, it doesn’t belong in that equation).

    And your comment about sincerity is spot-on. In my profiles on all sites (including this one), I always expect and make sure that people KNOW I expect that they read my profile BEFORE writing to me, to the extent that I even put words to that effect right on my photo, where they can’t possibly be missed. Yet most don’t read the profile at all. They see my photo, ignore the words on the photo as well as the entire profile, and write to me anyway. It just wouldn’t ever occur to me to write to someone on a dating site before reading her profile, you know? If a woman (and I use this term for transgenders as well as genetic women…if you look and act like a woman, that’s how I look at you and act toward you)… If a woman won’t read a man’s profile, what does that say about her level of sincerity? The same should apply to men as well, of course.

    Your last paragraph made me laugh out loud. I have a sentence on my profile… “Some of you are also bankers, and nurses, and engineers…and that’s ok too.” Great minds think alike…We should have coffee together sometime!

    Great article!

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