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Ladyboys looking for LOVE

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Typically, my blog posts are towards giving advice for men but now the tides have turned and it’s time for my sisters to have the upper hand. Being a Ladyboy is never easy but we can lessen its complications by following our hearts and I hope that these guidelines can be great additions to help my beloved sisters.

To My Sisters

Why are we looking for love? It’s not like food, air or water that if we don’t have it we’ll die so why? Well, love is a beautiful thing my sisters, once you’ve experienced it, you will know why it is so vital. How do we get it and is it possible for a man to love someone like us?

Fret no more!

My lovely sisters, love is for everyone! Poor, rich, slim, curvy, white, black, yellow and bla bla bla! It is not a right though it is a very important privilege! MyLadyboyDate is one of the many catalysts that can help you find the love of your life. Not only it endorses Transgenders but it also presents us in an exceptional way wherein we will be able to get the same respect and dignity that women receive.

Love for LOVE, not what you can HAVE

My darlings, if you are looking for a boyfriend or a husband just to have a better lifestyle, that is not called love. It’s called… Purchase. You are not in the right direction and don’t treat yourself like a candy in a store, you are more than that. If you want to have a better lifestyle, work on your talents.

Make yourself a better person by studying the things that you are good in doing and improve them. You are given a brain and a body in order to function and make the most of it, you don’t need to depend on someone just because he is rich and you are lazy. Wouldn’t it feel good to at least buy something that you know you worked hard on achieving it?

If you are using a man just for your needs and wants you will not be happy, material things will make you happy only for a moment but once you find your real love it is going to be hard for you to detach from your sponsor. Put yourself on his shoes and try to feel the feeling of being used. You will know that what you are doing is unjust and it’s always nice to know that you are hurting nobody in pursuing your dreams.

Love yourself because you DESERVE it

Before loving a person, you have to fully accept who you are. Don’t change yourself just because you love someone because eventually he will see through you and you will just be wasting a lot of time. You have to know who you are or at least create who you want to be. Self-searching is very important in making a man fall in love with you because once you know your real self; you will be able to attract the man who will fully accept you and you will experience sublime love that seems to be only available in romantic novels. Do not neglect yourself because life is precious.

I will repeat…


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About the author

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
Just a random trans woman playing with makeup and skincare. Loves bacon and the operating table. I'm also the author of the dating guide book Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen. Know more ->

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8 thoughts on “Ladyboys looking for LOVE

  1. I like your post very much, but live in Thailand and I never met a ladyboy looking for love, the only thing they see is money

    1. I wish I spent more time in Thailand because I’m very interested in that country. Well my domain of expertise is rather Philippines… I live in Manila with my ladyboy girlfriend, it’s been 3 years. And things are just fine 🙂

      I have lots of ladyboy friends here who are “good girls”, with decent jobs and all what they’re looking for is love, really. Just love as we know it in our western culture.

      Of course, there are also tons of ladyboys who fall in these categories:

      1) sex workers (bar girls, freelance, cybersex)

      2) gold diggers / opportunists, who rather spend their time hooking up with one or many foreign men who would then support her financially

      Many men unfortunately meet the roten apples first. Because they’re the easiest to meet. When you hang out in bars, you have high chances to meet a gold digger. When it’s a ladyboy who is hunting you, chances are that she’s also a gold digger. Basically, when it’s “too easy”, you should be cautious…

      Genuine and decent ladyboys are harder to find (they have less time for that) but they do exist, and they are seeking true love, like any human being. I can’t believe ladyboys in Thailand are much more different than Filipinas. It’s just that the “bad girls” (i.e the girls who are looking for your wallet and not for your love) and the most visible.

      On, we try our best to connect the right girls with the right men.

    1. Hey Rico, have you made an account on There are a bunch of Asian ladyboys from USA there (east coast and west coast).

  2. Thank you very much for your encouragement.

    My name is Rica Santos and I am a ladyboy.

    I am convinced that there are a lot of people of our kind out there who had already given up finding love because of the fact that relationship of this kind is somehow unaccepted by the society. However, there are also still these ladyboys/shemales/transgenders etc.. who have this tiny spark of hope and faith that they might eventually find the man who will truly love them for what and who they are. It is a realists on one hand and the idealists on the other.

    It does not matter whether we have become realists or idealists, because as a social animal we have the desire to belong and to be loved.

    Finally, I do not really think that it is difficult to find a man who will love us. After all, like everybody else, we also have beautiful qualities contradictory to the image created for us based on stereotypes and prejudices. However, it is difficult to find a man who will dare to be openly with us, because choosing a ladyboy girlfriend would also mean that they have to bear the stigma and label imposed upon us. Therefore, I do understand men when they have confessed their pure intentions to us and yet, unable to act to the feelings they have for us. Besides, there are also a lot of transgenders there who do not have the courage to be show themselves for who they are. That is how challenging life is for those who are different.

    1. Hey Rica, thanks for your comment 🙂 Yes men have to jointly bear the burden of their transsexual girlfriend, whether they like it or not. Fortunately I have good hopes (so I must be a idealist) that the burden will get lighter and lighter with time. Awareness about the trans issue is increasing month after month, and we can see it, in the media, in the new laws voted by our governments, and such…

      And at we also want to contribute to this and we believe it goes hand by hand with a better education, a better understanding and showing the good example. We know there are many men who attracted to transgenders but who step back because of the social pressure… If I have one thing to tell these men:

      “It’s gonna be just fine. It’s not possible that you please everybody, there will always be someone to criticise the least of your choices in your life. The choice of your girlfriend is one of them. But do you care of pleasing the opinion of other people? Weight the right and the bad, in the end, what matters is YOUR HAPPINESS. Not the happiness of others.”

  3. Miss Dela Cruz, I’d recommend also having a column from a man’s perspective, of what ladyboys should and should not do, to get and keep men interested. I’ll give 10 examples here, and this is only limited to photos from profiles I’ve seen.

    1. Don’t post photos of your former “guy” mode. Men who are interested in transgenders are attracted to WOMEN, not men, and we want to SEE you as women. Only. Yes, you have the parts you were born with, and that’s great, we like that. In fact it should be obvious that’s one of the things we MOST like about you. But that’s the ONLY physical similarity to men that should be emphasized.

    2. Don’t post photos taken anywhere in a hotel room, especially not on the bed. Would genetic women do that? Of course not, unless they’re tramps or skanks. Men already assume ladyboys are sexually active, and call it selfish, but we want to think about you being sexually active with US, not with someone else. If you feel the need to post lingerie photos, those from your own room, or the beach, or a studio, are just fine. Risque is fine too, just be aware there’s a line between classy and skanky.

    3. Post photos of yourself, and recent ones, not from 15 years ago, and not borrowed porn star photos. You have the same expectations of us. FYI, since most westerners (including this one, long ago) were introduced to ATTRACTIVE ladyboys through porn (like it or not, it’s a fact, get over it), there’s a very good chance that if you post a photo of a porn star and say it’s you, the guy will already have seen that porn star and know you’re lying. Not to mention that the mods on most sites will boot you in a heartbeat if you’re discovered to be a fake.

    4. Don’t post “online modeling” aka “camwhoring” photos. Unless you want to be thought of only as a camwhore. Even if you’re covered, such photos are glaringly obvious, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the circumstances. If that’s how you earn your money, tell it to him in your words, not in your photos.

    5. Don’t post photos wearing “guy clothes”. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here, but come on. If all you own is guy clothes, BORROW some girl clothes from a friend long enough to have a photo taken.

    6. Learn the difference between how to do stage makeup and how to do everyday makeup. Here’s a hint: You should use a lot less for everyday! You don’t wear everyday makeup for a pageant (you’ll look like a ghost under the bright lights, and unless you have one hell of a talent…you’ll lose), and you shouldn’t wear stage makeup for breakfast (you’ll look…just wrong). They are two different skill sets. Learn both, and when to use each.

    7. Learn how to do eyebrows. They shouldn’t be GUYbrows. Pluck those suckers!

    8. SMILE! Many women and transgenders have this notion that if they have bitchy looks on their faces, men will find them attractive. Well, some men will find you attractive if you have oozing scabs all over your faces too…is that the kind of guy you’re interested in landing? A smile lights up any photo, it’s free, and everyone can do it.

    9. Post photos. No photo, no chance. ‘Nuf said.

    10. Don’t post postage-stamp size photos, where you’re far away from the camera. The purpose of the photos (from the viewer’s perspective) is so we can actually see what the person we’re viewing looks like. Include at least one large, clear photo of your face. If you don’t, we can assume you’re deliberately hiding it.

    Those are just recommendations regarding photos on profiles. To say nothing about the rest of the profiles, nor actual behavior in person. Having been around a lot of ladyboys, I can tell you lots of things that turn men on about you, and lots of things that turn men off. And not to be insulting, but trust me, many ladyboys NEED such advice.

    1. I disagree somewhat about point 2, Most of the Transsexuals I have met in the Philippines and Thailand live in extremely poor quality housing. Many did not even have a bed and slept on the floor with the rest of their family. Too many are poor and cannot afford a studio shot. It is only natural that they want to be seen in nice surroundings.
      one thing I would add is to include a full length shot and not just head and shoulders.

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