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Dating ladyboys is like a beauty pageant

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If men like sports and women love fashion, what do ladyboys do for fun? This article will inform you about what fascinates most ladyboys and what makes them enthusiastic. I am sure that most of the girls in MyLadyboyDate will be able to relate to this article. Most of my friends and I are very fond of *drum rolls* BEAUTY PAGEANTS!

Why Dating Ladyboys is like a beauty pageant

I am in no way saying that I and my ladyboy friends are the same with all transgenders, shemales, and ladyboys. However, from my experience, I know for a fact that most women like us are really into beauty pageants. If men and women are blabbering about sports teams, the latest vogue, and sports cars, ladyboys are talking about Beauty Queens and upcoming pageants. Beauty pageants play a very significant role in making transgenders, ladyboys and shemales recognized to the world. Just recently Jenna Talackova of Canada was able to break barriers when she was able to make almost every ladyboy’s dream of becoming the Miss Universe possible.

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How do ladyboys want to feel

Beauty pageants for Ladyboys are as synonymous to the world cup to men and the latest fashion trends to women. Every reason why Ladyboys love beauty pageants varies but I guess there is one thing in common that they like about it and it is “BEAUTY”. A lot of Ladyboys want to feel beautiful because most people in society find transgenderism abnormal and transgenders want to prove them wrong. There is no gender in beauty, we can find beauty in everything and anyone if we learn how to use our real vision and incorporate it into our daily lives.

Ladyboys want to feel like they are queens and I guess it’s why most of them are very into beauty pageants. Let us not forget that most Ladyboys have gone through rough patches in life because of current times so we should not think of their dreams and ambitions out of line, let them dream big and be who they want to be because just like you, they also deserve the ultimate happiness and possibilities that life can bring.

Is there a queen for you?

Here at MyLadyboyDate, you will surely be able to find the queen of your life. The girl who you’ll meet that initially started with exchanging sweet messages online in a dating website for ladyboys will eventually be your Ladyboy girlfriend or wife if you just follow your heart and desires packed with good intentions and a genuine heart.

All Ladyboys are beauty queens and all men are kings. We should never let anyone or anything hinder us from being our true selves because living a life of a lie is worse than being pleasing to the public but is pent up of regrets, what-ifs, and self-hatred. Why would we change ourselves just for other people if even the people who seem to be loved by everyone are still being judged and hated by a lot?

Be yourself beautiful or handsome self because the world is your stage and your happiness is the real crown.

Congratulations Mister and Miss Universe!

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